Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Me

Here I go again! Attempting this blog thing.. I have tried blogging several times in the past with no success. I felt that my blog posts were more like boring journal entries. I did not feel that anything I wrote was interesting enough for others to read. A few posts in to a blog and I would lose interest myself.. Looking back, I feel like I wasn't in the best place in my life when I previously tried blogging. Not that I was depressed, but I wasn't the happy normal me. I think I just stopped loving myself. However, I have recently been focusing on myself and my happiness so I definitely think and feel that I am in a better place. So I decided to give this a try again!

I was having trouble deciding what to write about.. should I share my fashion interests and post some of my outfits? Should I write about cooking and share some of my favorite recipes and healthy food options? Should I share fitness tips and workouts? Should I simply write about my adventures in the outdoors and traveling the world? Then I realized, I can write about them all!! I also think I would be less likely to post without being able to share a variety of topics.. and I would probably run out of things to say! 

So, I'm going to give this a good effort and see where it goes! I know it's too early for any followers, but if you happen to come across my blog, stop by and leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by!!

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