Saturday, September 19, 2015


My birthday was on Wednesday and I had an overall great day. I was able to sleep in and spend the morning relaxing at home. I had to go to class in the afternoon but we got out early! My boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the San Francisco Giants game!! He told me to be ready when he got home from work. As I was getting ready I realized that I could not find any of my Giants shirts anywhere! I asked my boyfriend what I should wear and he told me jeans but that he would pick out the rest when he got home.

I got really excited because it sounded to me like he got me something Giants to wear! He showed up at home as I was drying my hair and surprised me with a goodie bag of presents! I will post better pictures later!

First was an awesome Giants jersey of my favorite player which I was able to wear to the game! It even has the World Series badge on the shoulder!

He also got me a camo Giants hat which I didn't wear to the game but I probably should have with all the rain. Both the Giants jersey and hat can be bought in person at the Giants dugout store, I was unable to find them online!

Then there was a camo Browning sweatshirt I can wear hunting! While my favorite color is pink, his reasoning for the purple logo was that the pink one had pink inside the hood and I would not be able to wear it hunting. I love it anyways and I especially love his reasoning :)

Last was a new duck call for hunting. And of course, it's pink!

While I am not materialistic and the presents were not what was important to me, I loved everything he got me and was so excited at all the thought he put into getting me presents. My favorite part of my birthday was getting to go to the Giants game with my favorite person! I also loved that the Giants won!!

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