Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Meet Callie

Getting a dalmatian was probably the best decision I ever made. I had always wanted a dal ever since I was a little girl, something just drew me to them. I knew all the "negatives" that people and even breeders warn about so that people are not surprised when their cute puppy grows up into an energetic adult dog. Owning a dalmatian has been the most rewarding experience, so I want to share a little about my favorite girl!

Meet Callie!
This is my almost 8 year old dalmatian, Callie. She is very goofy, sassy, and adorable! She can be a little protective and shy when meeting new people, nothing aggressive though. She acts tough but she's really actually scared. She is very attached to me and I am to her. When we used to live with my dad, he used to tell me that she would wait outside my door for me to let her in to cuddle, even if I was not home. How heartbreaking... Speaking of cuddling, Callie absolutely loves to cuddle really close all the time. When she gets kicked off the couch, she somehow weasels her way back onto my lap to cuddle.

Such a clown

Callie is an extremely smart dog! I can teach her a new trick within five minutes (so of course she knows a lot of tricks!). Sometimes though, it can be a pain that she is so smart because she knows when we are talking about her even when we don't say her name! She loves her toys and loves to play, but she does not fetch. She does not like to swim or go through water unless her feet can touch the ground. Bath time is always entertaining..

"Come back to bed and cuddle me Mom, aren't I cute?"

Despite what people say about dalmatians, Callie is a very lazy dog. While she enjoys going on walks and running around at the park, she is perfectly content cuddling up in bed or on the couch. When I am sick and do not want to vacate my bed, she will gladly stay and cuddle all day. 

I suppose I should save some pictures for later posts, especially all her adorable puppy photos! Share photos of your fur babies!!

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