Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bathroom Decor

When my boyfriend and I first moved in to our apartment together, we had almost nothing and had to make several expensive runs to Ikea and Walmart for the basics. We did not have the time or luxury to shop around for nice color schemes and decorations. Our first night in the apartment, we had some beer, a blender, a Brita water filter, and my mattress. We spent the evening setting up our new bed frame from Ikea and eating dinner on the floor. We eventually got all settled buying everything we needed, but I never got around to redecorating.

However, we moved to a new apartment in April and I decided to do the interior decorating I had initially planned. We overlapped apartments a few days so I was able to spend time shopping around and finding what I wanted. Since we had decided not to move closer to the beach, I wanted something to be beach themed in the apartment.

This is what we ended up with! No thanks to my boyfriend, he was no help!

And just for fun, we used these tub slip grips! Bright and colorful and fishes to go with our beach theme!
The kittens love playing with these in the tub!

Towels in teal

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